Q4 2023

Forrester Wave Leader Status

This is a draft. Just some bits and bobs about my contributions to Showpad's positive place in the 2023 Forrester Wave Report. Might expand on this later.



Showpad was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Sales Readiness Report, Q4 2024, and I couldn't have been more proud to have contributed to this positive result.

Projects driven

Here are some of the projectes that I drove from a design perspective that contributed to the result.

Sales competencies

The Sales Competencies dashboard.
The Competency tracker.

Sales competencies empowers sales professionals to take control of their training and learning by helping assess and track progress on their skillset.

Learner feedback

The feedback prompt at the end of a course.

This feature lets sales professionals give feedback on learning material they consume via Showpad. This then helps the creators behind that content improve it and better meet their audience's needs.

Just in time learning

The personalised learning recommendations email.

Just in time learning is a series of personalised recommendations for sales professionals that takes their goals and habits into account in order to deliver the most relevant and timely learning recommendations.

AI test generator

The prompt to automatically generate a test using AI.
Generating a question from a text selection in one of the course assets.

This feature leverages generative AI to help create learning content faster. After having added the learning material to a course, a user can use this feature to generate multiple choice questions they can add to a test at the end of their course.